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From Mondays to Fridays from 11.00 to 2.00 pm, we offer our menu for EUR 8.60. Saturday is a family day at our company; here, you will be given a special treat because we have two menus to choose from. The gourmet menu for EUR 9.80 and the classic menu for

EUR 8.60.

For regular customers, there is a block of ten for EUR 80.00 which makes the price even more attractive.


All dishes are of course also available as a takeaway.


Reserve a table: +43 3452 82190 26

Aus der Küche



Our kitchen in Wagna offers a diverse range, from traditional fare to dishes for the health and figure-conscious which are freshly prepared for you each day.


All of our dishes are also available as a takeaway in a practically sealed box so that you do not have to do without a good and healthy meal despite not having any time.

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