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Our range of sausage and individual sausages includes cut sausage, raw and long-life types of sausage and our popular types of individual sausages. All are produced from quality meat and refined with the finest seasonings. The diversity of our range is also constantly growing to include new innovative products. Here is an extract from our range:




Extrawurst is produced from best pork and beef and meaty bacon. The fine sausage meat is exquisitely seasoned and then filled into synthetic casings and cooked. Extrawurst is best eaten finely cut up on bread or white rolls. It is superbly suited for various salads.


The "Pikante" is produced from finest pork and beef and meaty bacon, with red paprika, gherkins and fine seasonings. The sausage meat is then filled into synthetic casings and cooked. The "Pikante" is suitable both as a hearty snack and also for use in buffets and rolls.


"Jausenwurst" is produced from lean beef and pork and is smoked hot over beechwood with a rustic blend of seasonings and fried. As the name already says, the ideal classic snack sausage that has delighted young and old for a long time.


With mushroom sausage, lean pieces of ham are distributed in the fine sausage meat. As the name suggests, the mushroom sausage meat is refined with mushrooms, herbs and spices. The sausage meat is then filled into a synthetic casing and infused according to a special method. Mushroom sausage is a special lean type of sausage that is highly suitable for rolls and buffets.


Tyrolean is produced from the finest pork and beef and meaty bacon. Tirolean is a heavily seasoned sausage meat that is very well suited as a snack and to use on rolls and in buffets.


Polish sausage is a synonym for a so-called "dry sausage". Polish sausage is produced from finest coarse-grained beef and pork and meaty bacon. After being filled into fibrous casings, Polish sausage is then smoked and roasted. After this heat treatment, Polish sausage is then placed in the dry room and with the variant "dried" loses here: 20% - dry: approx. 35% of its fresh weight.
Polish sausage is suitable both for a hearty snack and for use in rolls and buffets.


"Wiener" sausage is produced from selected beef, pork and bacon. "Wiener" is produced according to a traditional recipe and according to state-of-the-art technology. The "Wiener" acquires its characteristics through the roasting or smoking process. It is characterised by a homogeneous cut, a powerfully flavourful aroma and its spectacular effect on the palate.


Die Krakauer ist eine Brühwurst mit feiner Fleischeinlage die mit fettarmen und entsehnten Schweinefleisch, Speck und Brät hergestellt wird. Sie wird schonend gebrüht und mit kräftigen Gewürzen verfeinert.


The "Wanderjoschi" is a delicious dried sausage that is produced according to an old Krainer family recipe. As the name already says, this product is suitably suited as provisions on walks and hikes and as a spicy snack.

Spicy is exactly the right term here for in addition to our classical "Wanderjoschi", there are two other types: refined with cheese or spicy with paprika flakes, meaning that there is something for everyone!


Roh- & Dauerwurst


"Kantwurst" is produced from selected pork and bacon. Through the refinement of the raw sausage meat with exquisite own spices of the company and the subsequent maturing process lasting several months, it is possible to obtain a balanced raw sausage product that is pleasant on the palate. Through our special maturing process, the "Kantwurst" develops its characteristic shape and makes it incomparable and unique in the sausage range.


The pepper loaf is a successful combination of fine aromatic raw sausage taste and spicy pepper decoration.
Only selected, sorted Austrian pork and beef is used for the production. The product is given the necessary time of around one month that it needs to develop its aromas in full and to retain its striking shape.


House salami

The universally known and popular salami is characterised by selected pieces of meat and bacon. After careful maturing, the classic blend of seasonings produces this popular house salami. Finely cut up into a "contractual" portion, this quality product means you always open up a fresh/new packet.

Chili salami

This salami is refined by the cult seasoning chilli for spiciness. A careful selection of meat and bacon, coupled with this dominant seasoning, constitutes this popular salami. Cut into thin slices, it offers the ideal portion for a spicy snack for "in-between times". After gentle maturing, the blend of seasonings produces this popular house salami. Finely cut up into a "contractual" portion, this quality product means you always open up a fresh/new packet.

Paprika salami

This salami in the Mediterranean style is characterised by the spicy seasoning paprika. A healthy spiciness coupled with selected meat and bacon makes this salami a popular spread, together with gherkins and paprika. Here, finely cut into one portion as a snack for in-between times just for me.

Pepper salami

This salami speciality is characterised by the finest decorative pepper. As a cut meat speciality from Krainer, this product has distinguished itself in particular as the snack of connoisseurs. The typical "peppery" after-taste, along with grapes and paprika rings, sends a culinary greeting.




Cheese Krainers are produced from first-rate pork and beef and with specially prepared cheese. The fine blend of seasonings is a secret recipe of the Krainer family. The combination of sausage meat and cheese gives this sausage meat creation a particularly fine touch. The cheese Krainers are superbly suited for roasting and grilling, but they are an absolute classic when served hot with mustard and horseradish.


The bratwurst is a meat sausage consisting of pork and beef as well as small pieces of bacon. The meat is distributed in a fine sausage meat, specially seasoned and is infused in a special procedure in pork sausage skin.
Bratwursts are prepared in particular on the barbecue in different tastes - such as spicy with jalapeño flakes or exotic with curry - a welcome variation on the barbecue buffet.


The classic sausage with mustard, horseradish and a roll is the perfect snack in between. The fine recipe ensures a great taste experience.


With the innovation "Heißer Feger" we have taken the requirements of the consumers and our retail partners into very particular account.
This has resulted in an entirely new product experience. Raw materials in the usual, Austrian top quality but with a unique taste.
Seasoned, among others, with cayenne pepper, jalapeño and chilli, this sausage becomes a veritable taste experience of the fiery kind.


"Rohkrainer", also called Styrian house sausages, are a speciality of Styrian Tuscany.
They are produced from best pork and meaty bacon. After the addition of rich seasoning, the Rohkrainer sausages are smoked cold and then dried. This gives them their characteristic taste and their rustic form.


"Landjäger" are strikingly angular smoked and air-dried raw sausages that are linked in pairs and in the past were used as food whilst working in the fields and in the vineyards.
Today, "Landjäger" are not only popular among hikers as a "snack" and "rucksack sausage", they are also suitable when finely cut up as an enrichment for any buffet and also on a cold meat platter.


There is something happening at Krainer when it comes to the development of premium products. Krainer's snacks have been newly launched on the market and are capturing every pampered palate. 6 x snack – then they are gone – and that in four tastes. The classic dried sausage snack lines up alongside its taste brothers, in the flavours finest cheese, aromatic garlic or fiery pepperoni. It goes without saying that the snacks are Austrian quality products.

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