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Have you ever wondered how you can really prepare sausages etc.? We have the answer and helpful tips for unique taste experiences.


The scalded sausage - Frankfurters, Krainers

As a general rule, all scalded sausages such as Frankfurters, Krainers, Debreziners are broiled in production - i.e. ready to eat. During preparation, it should be ensured that the sausages are only brought to eating temperature. So never prepare in boiling or simmering water. The best temperature is at approx. 70 °C in order to then warm up the sausages for approx. 10 to 15 minutes, depending on the thickness of the sausage. You then have the best aroma and avoid the surprise of a "burst" sausage.

The grilled sausage - Bratwurst and cheese Krainers
The classics among the sausages on the grill or in the pan. Bratwurst and cheese Krainers are always an enrichment for the grill platter. Grill the sausages on both sides on the grill or in the pan. The bratwurst is slit on both sides across or transversely, allowing a crispy skin to develop. TIP: By using a special cheese, it is no longer necessary with our cheese Krainers to prick them before serving. We thus avoid a "splash attack".

"NEW" The "heißer Feger"
For everyone who likes things a lot spicier. When seared, this sausage is full of enjoyment and also to be recommended when boiled.
But please note: This sausage refined with chili has got the lot! For connoisseurs of the ultimate in spiciness a veritable taste experience.


Mustard bratwurst sausages
The latest sausage creation from the company Krainer - seasonal products for the barbecue season. The mustard bratwurst sausages have an exceptional taste as the mustard already contained in the sausage develops its full aroma through the preparation. The mustard bratwurst sausages are slit on both sides across or transversely; this produces a crispy skin when searing them in the pan or on the grill.

Krainer's Würstel


"Selchroller" - an enjoyment warm and cold!
The "Selchroller" is already scalded during production - it is thus ready to eat. You can enjoy it cold - diced in a salad or cut on a roll.
Another variant: Warm up the "Selchroller" at approx. 70 °C - no boiling water - for approx. 15 minutes. The product thus develops its full aroma and the "Selchroller" can be enjoyed warm with sauerkraut and roasted potatoes.



So that the millet or blood sausage can develop its full taste, we recommend roasting it at approx. 160 °C in the oven or only searing it at a low heat in the pan. You thus avoid the sausage bursting and ensure it retains its full aroma. Served with sauerkraut and fried potatoes, this dish is one of the regional specialities.


Served warm in a crunchy roll with mustard for the quick hunger in-between times.

Lightly browned with fried egg and spinach, our beef & pork loaf is also always an enjoyment at lunchtime.

Highly recommended in the summer: cut beef & pork loaf into cubes, add finely cut tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers and mix with sour cream and natural yogurt.

Blut- & Breinwust


•    Bacon - always tasty
•    Finely cut, roasted and served with scrambled eggs;
•    Cut into cubes, roasted and served in spicy rice;
•    or as a cold variant served diced in a salad, bacon is a delight for the palate, both warm and cold.


Classic, served in a snack roll with pickled gherkin;

as a Styrian speciality cut into strips and served with onions, pumpkin seed oil and vinegar;

diced and roasted, when served with mushrooms and scrambled eggs, the dish becomes a warm midday meal.

"Extrawurst" cut into slices roasted with the "Wurstschüsserl" and served with mashed potato is a delight for children in particular.



These products are cured meat products with which the meat is matured through the addition of seasonings. They are to be enjoyed as purchased, ready to eat, and may not be cooked or roasted.

Hauswüstel, Schinkenspck, Bauchspeck
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