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That our products are of high quality and taste really good is regularly confirmed by various awards.


This honours our traditional craftsmanship and fills us with pride!



From a total of 44 submitted products, the trade magazine PRODUKT together with AMA-Marketing selected the 2019 Product Champions.


In the category "AMA seal of quality", first place once again went to Franz Krainer, this time to the "Wanderjoschi". The "Wanderjoschi" is from the "100% Steirisch” (‘100% Styrian’) line and guarantees that the animals were born, fattened and slaughtered in Styria and that the meat was refined in Styria. Franz Krainer sees this award as the reward for the high-quality recipe and the 100% Styrian origin, the use of the finest raw materials and careful and top-class work in production. In addition to the AMA seal of quality, the "Wanderjoschi" also came third in the Product Champion category "Counter".


The "Steirische Brettljause" came second in the Product Champion category "Self-service". The product consists of a ham bacon, belly bacon and a Styrian homemade sausage. The package also includes a wooden board plus a penknife and a schnapps. The product pays tribute to our traditional craftsmanship and also shows the popularity of regional products.

Wanderjoschi mit Produktchampion.png
Steirische Brettljause mit Produktchampi

2019 DLG

The DLG honours food with the DLG awards in gold, silver and bronze. These quality tests are carried out every year for each product group.

All products presented with an award must pass the laboratory tests and preparation, packaging and labelling tests. The sensory qualities (appearance, consistency, smell and taste) of the product are decisive for an award in gold, silver or bronze.

The test methods of the DLG are based on current scientific insights in quality assurance of the different food areas. The product-specific test procedures have been developed by specialist bodies from science and practice. The tests are carried out by experts from science, monitoring, food industry and the skilled trade. All food is assessed without knowing the manufacturer, the brand or the price. That is why the DLG tests are scientifically state-of-the-art, independent and neutral. Its goal of developing the high level of quality of the food further is recognised as being non-commercial. The test criteria and methods are publicly accessible on the Internet.

White sausage burger
Coiled bratwurst classic
“Wanderjoschi” with cheese
Ham roast
Homemade sausages
Loin cut bacon

Bratwurst sausages
Farmer ham
Ham bacon
Cheese Krainers

Grandma's loin cut roast



The trade magazine PRODUKT together with AMA Marketing selected the 2018 Product Champions from a total of 48 submitted products. In the category "AMA seal of quality", the first place went to Franz Krainer's homemade sausages in the first year of the award's existence. The jury acknowledged the transparent domestic origin of the raw materials, the successful consistency and the packaging. The homemade sausages are from our "100% Steirisch” (‘100% Styrian’) line and guarantee that the animals were born, fattened and slaughtered in Styria and that the meat was refined in Styria.. "We thus guarantee short transport routes as much as possible and see our first place as a confirmation of our philosophy and efforts." In addition to this special prize, the company was delighted at its second place in the category "PRODUKT Champion Self-Service" with its homemade sausages.

The Styrian ham roast also achieved a second place, in the category "PRODUKT Champion Counter" in which specialities are selected that are found behind the serving counters of food retail. Selected fricandeau pieces of pork are cut, carefully cured, seasoned and then gently smoked. This produces a succulent ham taste. The taste of the speciality is assisted by a thin layer of fat and a crispy rind that is roasted at 180 °C without the addition of flavourings. Franz Krainer on the second place: "We are proud that our honest ham roast produced according to a traditional recipe has prevailed."



Elisabeth Köstinger, then Federal Minister for Sustainability and Tourism, recognised energy-efficient firms and consulting companies on 26 November 2018.

For the third time in the space of 10 years, a project from Franz Krainer was presented with the "klimaaktiv" prize of the Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism. An already optimised steam system was followed by a first heat recovery from the chiller. Since the beginning of 2018, a heat pump has also been installed that guarantees an optimum usage of waste heat and thus generates high end temperatures. Instead of a heat recovery of 45 °C, temperatures of up to 65 °C are now possible. This means that a large number of systems can be supplied with waste heat which results in a considerable reduction in the consumption of natural gas and electricity. In the long term, a saving of up to 50% in the consumption of gas and an annual saving of 460 tons of CO2 emissions is to be anticipated.



In the course of the independent investigation by the Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental, Safety, and Energy Technology UMSICHT, an individual resource protection certificate was handed over to us that confirmed that the company Krainer saved 8,445 kilograms of resources and an additional 1,515 kilograms of greenhouse gases through the recycling of the material flow.


This year, in the category "Classic", the best bratwurst in the country was determined. In contrast to the other categories, the focus here is not on any new products. The most classical implementation possible of a local traditional product counts. The winners of this category are determined in a blind tasting. This tasting resulted in the bratwurst of F. Krainer Fleisch- und Wurstwaren (Styria) made of selected pork and beef being declared the winner. It is refined with pieces of bacon; one secret is in the traditional seasoning used at Krainer. "The recipe of our bratwurst has remained the same for several decades and has greatly proven its worth," said Karl Lileg (Sales Manager at F. Krainer) on the podium during the handover of the prize, adding: "You simply have to get a decent meat in and then you'll have a decent meat going out."

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